Our Mission

Regardless of where you come from,

we will help get you to where you want to go. 

Recruiting for a top internship or job is extremely difficult, so why struggle and try to figure it out on your own?

The Career Coaching Company (CCC) offers 1:1 tailored coaching from recent grads who work at leading companies across multiple industries. 

The dedicated coaches at the CCC will be with you every step of the way and provide the tools to maximize your chances of landing your dream job.

We have worked with individuals from all backgrounds, all levels of education, and all experiences.

We have been in your shoes. We want to share all of the insight we have gained through our years of experience. 

Through our career services, we will work with you by creating a tailored program that aligns your interests and enables you to excel.

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Our Story

Soon after A.J. Eckstein started at The University of Southern California (USC), he searched for an organization that combined both his Hispanic heritage and his passion for business. He quickly realized that there was nothing

of its kind. Determined to fill that void, he decided to build the Latino Business Student Association (LBSA) to assist countless underrepresented students secure top internships and jobs. 

LBSA founding board, including A.J. Eckstein & Pablo Alvarez, pictured in the middle 

After growing to over 160 members in one semester, the LBSA Board, including A.J. and Pablo, knew that they had the opportunity to make a huge impact. They hosted countless workshops on recruiting for jobs and organized networking events with recruiters of top companies.

A.J. leading a consulting workshop with partners from Bain & Company

And just like that, the word spread across campus that our members were landing the most desired internships and jobs. Our membership doubled, and our career workshops were moved to auditorium-sized rooms. Pablo and Elise spearheaded sponsorship efforts and were able to successfully host events with leading companies in multiple industries.

The LBSA hosting a recruiting event

with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

And since our members grew, we needed extra hands.

We searched for more passionate individuals who not only mastered their own job recruitment but were passionate and eager to help others. This is when A.J. and Pablo met

Elise Hernandez, the next addition to the CCC leadership team.

The new LBSA Board featuring Elise Hernandez (2nd from left in front row)

Aaron A.J. AJ Eckstein Most Outstanding President Award USC Marshall School of Business

Due to their efforts in helping countless students land their dream internships and jobs, the LBSA won multiple awards from the USC Marshall School of Business. These awards included the “Most Outstanding President Award”, as well as the “Diversity and Inclusion Award”.

A.J. being awarded the “Most Outstanding President Award” out of 19,000 undergraduate students

The USC career services profiled A.J. to feature his summer internship in the Marshall Recruiter Handbook.

Aaron AJ A.J. Eckstein USC Marshall School of BusinessRecruiter Handbook.png

USC Marshall Recruiter Handbook

After the university heard about the career success of the organizations’ members, A.J. was chosen to give the keynote speech at the Career Advantage Program for the USC Marshall School of Business. With over 400 students and alumni in attendance, A.J. shared the strategies and techniques he learned over the years about how to successfully land your dream job. He also expressed how he intends to start a platform with fellow board members Pablo and Elise to help more students nationwide land their dream jobs … and that is how the Career Coaching Company was born

A.J. sharing the story about his passion for helping people reach their career goals

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