Compensation Negotiation

Compensation Negotiation 2.png

If you are reading this, you are probably in a great spot: you worked tirelessly to successfully receive a job offer or multiple offers. However, you feel that you deserve to receive higher compensation. Let’s face it, asking for a higher salary and benefits is an uncomfortable task. And you don’t want to compromise this career opportunity by appearing rude or greedy. 


The good news is that negotiating is just like any other skill: it takes practice. And the most effective way to practice is under the tutelage of a coach. 


Our career coaches will assist you with this arduous process. We will first work with you to build a robust argument for why you deserve better compensation. Second, we will investigate similar roles to see what the common trend is for salary and benefits. Third, we will run through mock negotiation sessions to prepare you to “sell yourself” and identify your true value.

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