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Are you unsure of what industry to pursue? Do you have multiple interests? Our coaching team has helped clients land offers in Real Estate, Accounting, Technology, Healthcare, Media/Entertainment, Marketing/Public Relations, and Venture Capital/Private Equity. Our coaches reverse engineer your life experiences and work with you to discover a tailored career that aligns with your interests. Once we determine what career path is best suited to your interests, we will work with you to land interviews and secure your dream job. 

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Built For Success

100% live, 1-on-1 coaching

Our coaches will be with you every step of the way. No need to worry about generic, pre-recorded content since our sessions are tailored for YOU

Flexible to your schedule 

We are here to help you so just share your schedule with us and we will accommodate coaching sessions that work best for you. All sessions are virtual so that you can receive coaching from any location!

Affordable for students and professionals

A small investment today will generate large returns for your career. Gain the competitive edge against the other candidates.

Tailored Consulting Prep 

Master the application and recruitment process including in-depth training on behavioral and case interviews with actionable feedback using our CCC-branded interview scorecards, inspired by similar scorecards used by real company recruiters.