Cover Letter Creation

Cover Letter Creation

While everyone talks about the importance of a resume, many people forget to mention its long-lost cousin: the cover letter. Recruiting for top jobs is a very competitive process. Yet, most people neglect to submit a cover letter to the potential employer. This is where you can capitalize on the opportunity and jump off of the page! 


A strategically targeted cover letter can be the best weapon to utilize in the battle for a good job. While a resume showcases your skills and experiences, your cover letter allows you to target the desired position and explain to the employer how you are a perfect fit. It serves as a smooth introduction to your potential employer and enables you to summarize why you are the best fit for the job before the employer learns more about you in your resume. 


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Our coaches are here to help you write an impressive cover letter that is tailored to the specific job for which you are applying. We will help you express to the employer your inherent value, your special skills, your perfect fit for the role, your unique personality, and your unbridled enthusiasm for the job. 

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