Interview Prep

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Our goal is to coach you to the point where you walk into the real interview feeling confident and walk out feeling like you aced the interview.


Regardless of what job you are pursuing, every employer will ask you general “behavioral” or “fit” questions. After speaking with several employers, they have shared with us that the individuals that advance to the next rounds of interviews are the ones that have the most structured answers and have a compelling story that relates to the job. The way to master this technique is through the “STAR” approach, which stands for “Situation”, Task”, “Action”, and “Result”. We will coach you through our mock interviews on how to structure your answers using this advanced approach.


Whether you are pursuing Consulting, Investment Banking, Commercial Real Estate, or any other job that requires a case interview or financial technicals, we have insider tips to master these difficult interviews. Our coaches have countless years of experience with all types of interviews in all types of industries. We have created an extensive list of the most common questions that employers ask, even down to the specific company, and we will share this list of questions with you to prepare you for the real interview. 


For Case Interviews, we have countless case books that are tailored to specific sub-industries like management consulting and strategy consulting (even down to the specific firm like the Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company, and McKinsey & Company). We understand that companies have specific tendencies for certain types of case questions and we will customize your mock interviews accordingly. 


For Financial Technicals, we also have several detailed training books on mastering the technical interview. We will train you to think of creative and unique answers to common questions like “Walk me through a Discounted Cash Flow.” This will enable you to stand out from your competition. 

Lastly, we will work with you to brainstorm superb questions to ask the employer after the interview. And once you leave the interview feeling confident, we will help draft a tailored thank you email that will be the last piece before you advance to the next interview round.

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