LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn Building

The world’s largest professional network is a digital network. LinkedIn is a platform to showcase your skills and experiences, build your professional network, and recruit for jobs. But simply “having” a LinkedIn profile is not enough. To get discovered on LinkedIn, you must stand out from over 690 million users.


The most effective way to stand out among the crowd is by optimizing your LinkedIn profile.  Did you know that by just adding 5 relevant skills to your profile increases the chance of an employer messaging you by over 30 times?


Even if you are not planning on applying for jobs on LinkedIn, your employer will almost certainly view your LinkedIn profile. If you do not have a profile that is adequate or you do not have a profile at all, this will be a “red flag” and hurt your chances of getting a job. 


Our coaches will first perform an in-depth analysis of your LinkedIn profile, optimize it with unique features, and tailor your keywords so that you rank higher for your desired position. This will increase the chances of employers discovering you via search terms, filters, and algorithms.

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