• A.J. Eckstein

Filling the Gap Between College and a Career

Updated: Jan 27

Millions of students around the country pay for SAT/ACT tutors and college counselors to help maximize their chances of getting accepted to a top university. But what guidance do they seek when they are trying to land a top job?

The main reason why students go to college, other than the social aspect, is to get a great education to land a top job. However, colleges teach students very little about the internship or job recruitment process. Some colleges have career centers, but the employees who work there cannot provide any insight about “how to break into consulting or investment banking”, since most of them have never worked in these industries. This is where the disconnect lies between college counselors and career coaches.

You can ask any student and a majority of them will say that college teaches them very little about the real world. Of course, there might be some classes such as Python Programming or Financial Accounting that are somewhat applicable, but these classes are rare.

The goal of a college professor is to focus on the class subject rather than help students land internships and jobs. I remember when I was a senior in college and I had two job interviews in one week. Neither of my professors would allow me to miss class since they thought that class was more important than two job interviews!

This is where career coaches come in. I am not talking about seasoned veterans that can help a 50-year old professional navigate from one mid-career executive position to another. But rather recent college graduates who have figured out how to successfully navigate the job recruitment process who can help younger students that are currently lost.

The saddest thing is that too many college students wait until senior year to find a job but then it is too late. Top jobs require competitive internships, and the earlier a student discovers how to break into different industries, the better chance they will receive a job offer from leading firms in their field.

I built the Career Coaching Company to help bridge the gap between getting into college and landing a top internship or job.

My team and I finish the work that college counselors and college career centers leave unfinished.

Our mission is simple; our team of recent graduates help students land top internships and jobs by teaching them the tips and tricks we have learned through our own experiences. An investment in our career coaches is an investment in your career. Securing a more competitive internship means having a better chance of securing a good job. And living in an era where there are fewer job positions available with more competition, wouldn’t you want to maximize your chances of landing your top job?

Whether you are pursuing a popular career path like consulting or investment banking or a nontraditional career path like risk management, journalism, or communications, EVERY student could benefit from a career coach. Why try to “figure it out” on your own when you have a career coach who has already figured it out, successfully landed a job in your area of interest, and can teach you skills and secret tricks necessary to break into the industry?

An investment in a career coach is an investment in yourself that will pay dividends in your career. Landing a better job could not only mean a higher salary or benefits but a happier life.

Settling for just any job is not in our team’s vocabulary.

Reach out today to schedule a free strategy call to discover how our team can start helping you win before it is too late.

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