Resume Review

Resume Review

A resume is one of the most important factors that employers consider when hiring. The quality and content of your resume are the main factors that determine if you will receive a job interview. An inferior resume will eliminate you before you even get the opportunity to impress the employer in person.


After speaking with multiple recruiters, talent acquisition specialists, and hiring managers, our team has gained insider secrets of what these individuals search for when analyzing a resume. Did you know on average that these individuals only spend a whopping 7 seconds on each resume?


You only have a few moments to ensure that your resume lands in the “Accept” pile as opposed to the “Reject” pile. Wouldn’t you want to maximize your chances of getting to the first round interview when the window of opportunity is that small?


Our coaches take a tailored approach to review and revise your resume. We will work with you to understand what types of jobs you are applying for and optimize keywords to give you the best chance to receive an interview. We reformat your resume to make it more appealing to read and showcase the impact of your past experiences to make your resume shine.

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