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CCC was pivotal to my consulting recruiting success! From the beginning, they provided tailored guidance.    I wouldn’t be here without the help and guidance from the team and my coach. 


Working with A.J. was one of the best decisions I made and something I’ll always cherish.    I highly recommend his interview coaching because you won’t be disappointed.


This platform helped me tremendously with navigating the internship recruiting process. The services I used included mock behavioral interviews and financial technical interviews. 


Working with CCC has changed my life. Their team embodies core values through its unconditional support for all of those seeking career guidance.


Entering the job hunt, I felt unprepared and uninformed about the recruitment process. Within weeks I felt more confident than I ever have going into the recruitment process.


Coming into the recruitment season, I felt unprepared. AJ and CCC served as my strategic mentors and friends during this tough process. My time here was very valuable.


I first started working with A.J. during my Freshman year after my friend referred me. This platform helped with navigating my career in PR and the entertainment industry.


The career coaches have been great in helping me prepare myself for the professional world. With a bit of a cluttered background, they helped me gain focus, and become an ideal candidate for jobs. 


His team helped prepare me for a consulting case interview. Between webinars, a 1-on-1 tutoring session, and consistent career advice, I was able to secure a full-time offer.


As an engineering student, I was never taught career-related items. However, after working with the Career Coaching Company, this all changed. 


I had the pleasure of working with AJ and CCC throughout my consulting journey.            I could not be more pleased with their services and the end result of helping me land my dream offer. 


Excellent advice on landing top opportunities in the Commercial Real Estate industry. 


Their case interview prep was super helpful during my real consulting interviews.



AJ has given me excellent career advice on Investment Banking and Finance opportunities - much better than most of the training books and websites.


The coaches on this platform are awesome. Each coach is sincere, passionate, and eager to help you land your dream opportunity. 


I previously tried the Career Center at my school but CCC has been the most helpful asset that has yielded me tremendous career opportunities. 


After working with AJ for some time, I am happy to say that I have elevated my career, specifically in the Commercial Real Estate industry. 


After a few sessions, the coaches customized a recruitment strategy that included the best practices to land my dream internship. 


A.J. was incredibly useful in helping me prepare for my career. His team made me a more competitive candidate.    I would not be where I am at professionally without him.


As an international student, I felt overwhelmed about the the US job process - from Visa sponsorship to interview etiquette. Thankfully, CCC was there to help me.


I previously tried the Career Center at my school but CCC has been the most helpful asset that has yielded me tremendous career opportunities. 


I have never met coaches that care more deeply than the ones on this platform. They showed me insider tips on breaking into Commercial Real Estate.


My coach taught me a lot and am so happy how things turned out. Can't thank him enough for all of his help during my job recruitment. 


I tried several websites/books on breaking into the finance industry but AJ and his CCC team were by far the most help. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, they helped me find opportunties.


CCC helped me nail my behavioral and technical interviews. Can't thank the career coaches enough for their help and advice throughout the tough recruitment process.


Trust me, if you want to
get hired, book a session ASAP! I went from being unsure of what career path to pursue to finding my passion and landing competitive offers. 


Great career advice and interview prep.


I worked with the founder of the platform, A.J. He deeply cares about the individuals he coaches and inspires them to be the best versions of themselves.


CCC ultimately landed me my dream job as a Management Consultant. They have a deep understanding of what recruiters are looking for, and makes sure you are able to see your potential.


Their customized recruitment strategies greatly helped me. Being able to establish my own unique personality as a candidate is something that has and will continue to positively impact my career.


As a pre-med student, I was not taught how to optimize my LinkedIn or build my resume. I'm proud to say that I am now teaching my own friends these things due to working with this platform.


Coaches were fantastic. Highly recommend if you need any career advice or tips. 


I came to A.J. in search of career help. I can testify that his industry knowledge, and advice on how to handle the process, played a large part in the career success that I had.


Great at helping decide career paths. Glad I went to their team when I did. 


When I reached out to the Career Coaching Company,   I wanted to pivot from wealth management to commercial real estate. The coaches helped me navigate this arduous process


Props to A.J. and his team for offering such high-quality and affordable services - highly recommend for anyone going through recruiting, no matter the industry!


These coaches not only helped me with job recruiting but they also help me strategize my class workload. Definitely would recommend. 


I am proud to say that the knowledge gained from these career coaching sessions helped me substantially in my recruitment process. 


Very satisfied with the coaches on the platform. I continue to use their career tips and tricks even post graduation.


CCC changed my career by helping me land a 3-year rotational program. I am so happy that I decided to work with them and I cannot say enough good things about their services. 


As an international student, I found myself troubled when writing my resume and cover letters. My coach's career advice was awesome and was super helpful. 

Great networking advice that helped me land my internship and job. I continue to use these networking strategies throughout my career. 



I was able to refine my resume, elevator pitch, networking, and interview skills by working with CCC. I now work at a tech startup and am glad to have worked with their team. 


As a pre-med student, I reached out to CCC for interview prep. Their mock interview was spot on. They truly cared about my personal growth and career success. 


CCC was there every step of the way! I couldn’t be happier with the time and effort put in by my coach to help me land my dream job. Can’t wait to see what the future holds, and it’s all thanks to CCC!


Chat with AJ and he will bring the best out of you. The coaches on this platform push you hard to achieve your career goals, and I could not be happier with their services. 


CCC does an awesome job tailoring their services to your specific needs. The coaching was top of the line, professional, and highly effective. 


Thanks to CCC, I was able to open up so many different doors in the professional world. Could not recommend this amazing service enough!!!


AJ and the team have mastered recruiting processes like a science, and provide clear, tangible best practices for landing job offers. ​


Excellent case and behavioral interview help. Highly recommend!


My Investment Banking coach helped me break into the industry. Stoked to have worked with CCC.


Extremely effective interview prep that felt exactly like the real interview. If you want to pass the interview, definitely reach out to the CCC team!


I came in knowing little about consulting recruiting. CCC taught me how to be a competitive applicant. Two months later, I landed a top consulting internship. 10/10 recommend their services. 


Really helpful career and interview advice / preparation. Strongly recommend seeking CCC's tailored services. 


The Career Coaching Company has been a tremendous tool during my recruitment process. My coach helped me prepare for mock interviews and resume reviews.


CCC really helped me navigate the recruiting process as an international student and in the middle of COVID. I now have an internship for the summer. 10/10 recommend!


I came in knowing little about consulting recruiting. CCC taught me how to be a competitive applicant. Two months later, I landed a top consulting internship. 10/10 recommend their services. 


Transferring universities was not an easy task, especially with job recruiting. I was lucky to have found this platform and am grateful for all of the team's advice. 

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